Elevate your business by grabbing one of our courses or tuning into our webinars. You have the option to binge-watch them all or download them individually, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your unique needs and preferences.

the workshops

If you're not quite prepared to commit to working with us full time but still crave valuable strategy insights, our workshops are an entry point that provides the ideal solution. These comprehensive resources offer a wealth of knowledge and giving you a taste of the expertise and innovation we bring to the table. It's the perfect way to dip your toes into the waters of success before diving in headfirst.


The Content Planner

We get the struggle of planning your content for social media. It's a full-time job, right? And it's not always in the budget to hire out your social media marketing. Welllll, let us introduce you to the next dreamy "assistant" we developed for you.


Pinterest Mastermind 101

This is our BEST selling course! Learn everything you need to know to GROW your business on Pinterest! Listen to Hailley (@hailleyolver) and Emy (@itsemydyer) teach you how to unlock the secrets of crafting captivating pins, creating boards that resonate with your audience, and using the latest techniques to maximize your business's reach. Plus, add another SEO opportunity for your business!


The Secret Guide to Creating an Extension Line

Hailley's top selling masterclass that teaches you step by step how she created her very own hair extension line and gives the details on where to manufacture your hair, how to afford the investment, and everything else in between. No gate keeping here! 


Instagram Audit

Get our eyes on your Insta. With an Instagram Audit the Dream House team will analyze your instagram and provide direct feedback so you can make sure you're attaching your dream clients and ideal customers.  


Perfect Launch Plan

coming soon

Prepare for your most successful social media launch with the "Guide to Your Perfect Launch." I'm here to lead you every step of the way, ensuring you create the most outstanding content you've ever produced.


12 Days of Christmas + Holiday Webinar

The biggest marketing opportunity is here, it's time to strategize a plan that works and keeps you going into the new year!! Grab the 12 Days of Christmas Masterclass + Holiday Strategy Webinar and get FREE 12 days of Christmas CANVA post and story Templates to use for your marketing!


upgrade your business in just one day.


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